Sunday, November 23, 2014

FAO CAA Year 1: Photoshop Tutorials / Monday 24th November 2014

So, another OGR has been completed and many of you may be pushing ahead towards production. This means that Photoshop lessons start to evolve into something a little more useful as Maya takes a leading. I know the DM rooms aren't the most creative places on the planet, so it's time to move things around a little. 

Tomorrow, our Photoshop class will take place in the CAA base room and blue room. Instead of the usual project discussions, things will be a little more formal. The lesson will be more akin to a tutorial so that I can help answer specific questions that you may have for production.

So, you must be ready to sit down and talk about the next stage of your project. Bring along all of your final conceptual work (production art, key assets, painting breakdown etc) and any questions you may have regarding the next phase. I know that there is never enough time to talk to everybody, so if you are urgently pressing on, try and make yourself know and I'll get to you first. If you are behind with work, then this is the stage when you really need to be catching up. Either way, the change of environment should be an improvement. This also gives you the space to work in either Photoshop, Maya or sketchbook. Time to building your cities!

Please use your social networks to get the message out. Many thanks. 

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