Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Reminder: Barcelona 2015 - Oct 20th Is FINAL Deadline!

Dear all, this is a reminder that you need to pay for the the Barcelona Trip as soon as possible. Lots of you were interested and 21 places remain, but Oct 20th @ 10am is the cut-off for paying the full £350. After that, the trip must be paid for. The reality is that if we don't fill the necessary 30 places, two things might happen: a) the trip doesn't go ahead at all, or b) we have to requote for fewer people and the price might change.  I'm not a fan of either scenario!  As soon as you pay at the online store, I get an email notification of your purchase.

Please go now to the online store and get yourselves booked on that plane to sunny Spain! :)  

Spread the word!


  1. Paid :D Was the declaration form you spoke about, the questionnaire bit as you headed for the checkout, just to confirm?

    1. indeed! Nice to have you in the mix this year, Emily! :)