Thursday, October 02, 2014

Guest Speaker: Comic Artist Laurence Campbell, Wednesday Oct 29th

On Wednesday 29th, comic artist Laurence Campbell is paying the Computer Animation Arts base room a visit @ 5pm for a show and tell session.  Laurence has drawn for Marvel, Image Comics and 2000AD and I know you'll be fascinated to learn more about his creative process and life as a successful freelancer.    Here's a little more about Laurence in his own words...

"Looking back the clues have always been there. Drawing pictures of Judge Dredd on my work out sheet for my 11+ exam, maybe not my finest hour. 

Born and raised in London. Influenced by Star Wars, Spiderman and Judge Dredd, I spent many a hour drawing comics in my bedroom. 

Worked as a junior designer for a central London design group while attending the London Cartoon Centre in the evenings with tutors David Lloyd, Dougie Braithwaite and Kev Hopgood. 

Went on to study graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art, where I later became a lecturer.  I've worked freelance for a number of design groups, as well as drawing comics for Marvel, 2000ad and Image comics. 

I live by the coast with my wife, son and cat. Still drawing comics in the spare bedroom."

So, put a note in your your diaries, ladies and gents: the man who draws Judge Dredd and Wolverine is coming to town...