Sunday, October 05, 2014

FAO Year 3: Monday's Minor Project Tutorial Times @ 2pm

Another image of a clock...

I'd like to move your Monday tutorial times one hour forward, so beginning with Kym @ 2pm - but, as I'll see Sam & P-G together, take a look at your revised time-slots below:

Kym @ 2pm
Sam & P-G @ 2.20pm
Vicki @ 2.40pm
Anass @ 3pm
George N @ 3.20pm
Steve @ 3.40pm
Alex @ 4pm

As you know by now, a good tutorial can sometimes over-run a bit, so make sure you've got work to do during the afternoon, so you're not just sitting around waiting for me to stop chatting!  I'd rather you thought about it as good afternoon's work interrupted by a tutorial, as opposed to an afternoon wasted waiting for one!  See you all tomorrow.

Can you use your social networks to ensure your classmates have seen this message and are aware of the change.  Many thanks.*

*Yes - this is indeed a repeat of my earlier notification, which confused all of you because you weren't due to have tutorials with me on Friday afternoon in the first place!  Apologies for that confusion, and more broadly for some of the recent chopping and changing in terms of times, dates etc.  I'm blaming it on timetabling gremlins, and not my great age...


  1. Thanks Phil : )
    Make sure you tame those nasty gremlins and lock them in the closet : D

    1. I'm infested! Funny thing is, just looking at this film still makes me want to watch the original movie - it was a lot of fun :)