Sunday, October 19, 2014

FAO: Dissertation Group 3 & My Minor Project Tutorial Group - Monday 3rd November - Changes Ahead.

On Monday November 3rd I now have to attend an ACT meeting to discuss the next project.  This means I have to make an amendment to the published timetable.

Instead of seeing Dissertation Group 3 on the morning of Monday, Nov 3rd, I will now see you on the afternoon of Friday 31st October at the following times:

14:00 Kym Mumford 
14.30 Samantha Niemczyk 
15.00 George Nwosisi 
15.30 Steven Payne 
16.00 Nadia Yadallee

In terms of Group B's minor project tutorials, I'm going to suggest that you put together a blogpost with an '@phil' title, in which you seek to solicit feedback on the latest developments of your work.  If you have his content on your blog by Monday evening, I'll do my very best to respond.

Many thanks - and if you assist me in getting the word out, that would be appreciated.  Many thanks. 

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