Sunday, October 26, 2014

FAO CAA Year 3: Dissertation Tutorials/Group 2/3 - Your 'Paragraph Plans' For Monday/Friday

Monday: Group 2: George H, Megan, Vikki, Shan, Anass
Friday: Group 3: Kym, Sam, George N, Steve, Nadia

For Monday's/Friday's dissertation tutorials, could you please prepare and bring your 'paragraph plans' for each of your chapters.  By 'paragraph plan', I mean the content of your chapters broken down in a point-by-point progression.  I'm interested now in looking at the flow of your discussion and the way in which you're navigating your reader through your content.  The paragraphs themselves need not be complete or even written at this stage, but their content, evidence and purpose should be clear.  I'm looking for clarity, smooth transitions between the purpose of each paragraph, and a clear sense of being guided towards a goal or outcome.   

I'm happy for you to send me your paragraph plans via email prior to your tutorial - but please not last thing Sunday night!

Can you make sure your classmates have seen this - many thanks.

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