Monday, October 20, 2014

FAO CAA Year 1: Your Feedback Is Required

This is a message for our year one students.  As an ongoing part of the course, we ask you for your feedback on your experience of Computer Animation Arts so far.  There's a course board meeting soon, in which your course reps meet with the course team, library staff and other members of UCA, and one of the things we discuss are any issues arising from your feedback.

Julia Mason, one of your course reps, has asked me to ask you to email her your feedback, so she can bring the main issues to the meeting.  Julia's email is

In terms of giving feedback, the University asks you to organise it in the following way: you're to reflect on 3 positive aspects of the course, and identify 3 areas you'd like to see improved.  Your feedback might be course-specific, or might also highlight any issues associated more broadly with your  university experience so far - for example, refectory, library and student union.

You need to email Julia your 3 positives/3 improvements, and she will communicate your feedback at the course board.

Many thanks!

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