Sunday, October 26, 2014

FAO CAA Year 1: Maya Tutorials So Far: 'Turn It Green!'

This is a reminder for those of you in year 1 who are yet to complete your Maya tutorials as required by the formal requirements of your CG Artist's Toolkit project brief: your next project 'The What If? Metropolis' is a digital set project, which will challenge you to pre-produce - and model/texture/light - a digital set in Autodesk Maya...  

If you are one of those students yet to complete (or evidence completion) of your Maya tutorials so far, you will soon find the creative demands of your second project outstrip your technical knowledge. Don't do this to yourself.  We want you to get the very most out of every project brief.  We want you to feel more confident as the weeks go by - not less.  

If you're in the red, turn it green - and do it before the end of the week.

Take a look at those students who have completed the tutorials so far; if you're struggling with Maya (and many people do in the first instance), why not work more closely with those individuals who have since acquired the skills and experience by which to help and advise you?  Use the blogs, use your network, use your community.  There is really no excuse on a course as 'visible' as this one to languish in the dark or bury your head in the sand.

Turn it green, ladies and gents - no excuses and no exceptions.
Spread the word: I want everyone up-to-date and ready to ace Project 2.


  1. I did one of the tuts in red last Sunday? -

    I'm just working on the UV tuts now so they'll be on my blog tonight :)

    1. good stuff, Kayleigh :) No one's in trouble and no one's on the naughty-step - I'm just helping you lot manage your time a a bit better and ensuring you all get the very most from the next project - keep on trucking!