Thursday, October 30, 2014

CAA One-A-Day: The Dinosaur Skin Test

Today I'd like to share some bit of film history, a simple test shot made for Jurassic Park. The footage titled, 'The Dinosaur Skin Test' demonstrates how CG is able to performs at its best that stop motion can not. This also made film makers realise how powerful CGI was and how they can create anything they wanted in movies.

Originally comprising of stop motion animation and practical effects for the dinosaurs, this all changed after seeing a computer generated T-Rex walking so naturally that it became clear that the movie would have to be done in CGI and practical effects. The seamless use of both practical and CGI in the film has revolutionalized the film industry.

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  1. Thats funny Joey. I showed this film in class to all of the second and third years today. :)