Thursday, October 02, 2014

Barcelona Trip @ The UCA Online Store!

Barcelona 2015 is on!

Unfortunately, the price crept up a little since the original announcement, making the total price £350 - that's an increase of £40, not enough I hope to put a dent in your enthusiasms.

There are 30 places for Computer Animation Arts students and our alumni - and it's a first come, first serve basis.  We need to have everyone paid up by Monday October 20th.

You need to go here to the UCA Online Store, where you can pay directly.  You also need to complete a Declaration Form, also available at the Online Store.  It's the same form some of our year one students have filled out already, but you need to complete this version too.

Let's get this show on the road!

Dali Museum

Outbound -  Tuesday 10th February, departs London Gatwick @ 12.55hrs

Return -  Saturday 14th February, departs Barcelona @ 13.00hrs


  1. Do you know the exact dates for this please?

    1. Hi Megan - ah yes, that would have been useful wouldn't it? I've added the info to the post - and I've put it here too.

      Outbound - Tuesday 10th February, departs London Gatwick @ 12.55hrs

      Return - Saturday 14th February, departs Barcelona @ 13.00hrs

  2. Do you have places for alumni? I'm assuming we can't pay through myuca?

    1. Hey Chrissie - yes, and just follow the link I think - you don't have to go through myUCA - just have a quick try and let me know; tombola tickets were bought this same way by graduates and friends and family etc...

  3. Such a shame I'm poor - My IPS money doesn't come through until February and that would have covered it. :(


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