Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Blog: One-a-Day

Not a lot of babble today... just a couple of short animations that demonstrate the wide scope of achievement available in animation. These animations range from complex stories to simple concepts.

Tex Avery Cartoons

Especially his MGM works where he was working more personal with his '____ of Tomorrow' series. Unfortunately Warner Bros. (who now own these animations) have taken most of them down from Youtube :/ (because otherwise you might not buy one of their many Tex Avery dvds?)

Pixar Shorts!!

Always so interesting and clever!

A YouTube Variety!

This has been shared a few times on here but for the benefit of the new First Years... the animated answer to the question 'What if animals where fat?'

I came across this animation when looking for inspiration for a cute young boy character.

And just a funny animation that brings classic Looney Toons style animation into a 3D setting.

I just love the variety of animations available on YouTube and Vimeo etc. It's really in the spirit of a modern world where films made by one person are as assessable and enjoyable as Hollywood blockbusters. We have the power the have our story heard now so go out and tell it :-)

Tomorrow... Artists me thinks!

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