Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Author: The Supplement - Awesome Artists

Jason Porath

Ex FX animator for Dreamworks now blogger and author. He's not an artist by trade but the concept behind his work is interesting and making these women's stories more accessible to audiences. His blog is to see the full set.

La Jaguarina, Queen of the Sword

"In April 1896, hardened military veteran US Sergeant Charles Walsh, in front of a crowd of 4,000 onlookers, turned tail and ran. Mere minutes earlier, during a round of equestrian fencing, he’d been hit so hard he’d been nearly knocked off his horse – so hard that his opponent’s sword was permanently bent backwards in a U shape. In response, Walsh did the honorable thing: jumped from his horse, claimed that the judge was cheating, and fled the scene, to the jeers of the massive crowd.

His opponent? A woman known as La Jaguarina, Queen of the Sword – an undefeated sword master who later retired only because she ran out of people to fight. Had she born 25 years later, according to the US Fencing Fall of Fame, she might be recognized as “the world’s first great woman fencer.” This week we tell the tale of this largely-forgotten heroine."

Dylan Izaak

A street artist turned professional. His work is more stunning in person and he has pieces in a lot of galleries (including Bluewater where I found him). I just like how much movement he's created in a still image... His website here .

Salvador Dali 

As in Dali Dali. The spanish guy. I also get draw in by his work and want to know more if only I could climb in and find the answer as to what is going on.

Kaori Onishi

Nice lady I met at Comic-con who is also alumni from our sister course at Farnham. Her website is here.

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