Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guest Author: Misc: CG and Theatre

Day two and I want to share some more about where inspiration for story and characters can be drawn from by looking at theatre. Maybe when looking for an adaptation piece or a method for story-telling or clear examples of story/character arcs, theatre has a lot to offer. PLUS with the increasing amount of intractability being offered through devices used for watching films and videos it may be some of that traditional theatrical interaction isn't far from being available.

These plays I'll share with you are mostly film adaptations or trailers because it's difficult to find a good recorded version of the live plays (and the effect is lost because you're not watching live)... but I hope they'll give you an idea for perhaps less mainstream forms of entertainment/ performance and offer a wider platform for research.

Power of Performance

Punk Rock by Simon Stephens

He writes plays for young adult performers. This play is really shocking... it's about bullying and its effects, among other troubles of young adulthood. Basically everyone dies except 2 people in a school shooting... so pretty heavy but interesting read.

Power of Humour

Oh! What a Lovely War! by Joan Littlewood (and the Theatre Workshop)

Just watch it... It's amazing! They use humour and satire to create an amazingly impactful piece of theatre... the film is great too... just look at the use of facial expressions and editing in this song to carry the message.

Power of Words

Twelfth Night (or what you will) by Shakespeare

Or any Shakespeare... Ok so its hard to understand sometimes... but story-wise... characters... they are stunning pieces of work. Shakespeare basically uses the old Commedia dell arte format for his characters (stock characters) but places them in complex scenarios. Twelfth Night has so many layers of story its insane but all the story-lines are resolved in one big scene at the end like a very clever panto. This scene (from 1:50) is heartbreaking as Viola indirectly has to tell the Duke how painful it is that she can't tell him she loves him.

Tomorrow will possibly be weird side of the internet animations...

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