Sunday, September 28, 2014

FAO CAA Year 2: Warning! Timetable Changes Ahead!

This is a heads-up, ladies and gents.  Due to circumstances outside of the course team's influence, we're going to be making some changes to your published year 2 timetables.  The changes will effect your Wednesday Critical Perspectives unit and your Friday Lectures/film screenings with Alan.  There will be two weeks when your Wednesday lectures begin at 11am instead of 10am - in week 4 and week 6. Note: the 2pm screenings in L1 are not effected.

It is our intention to move Alan's lectures and film screenings to Thursday mornings in the base room, with your Maya workshops following in DM5 as timetabled - beginning this Thursday (2nd October) @ 10am.  We hate making changes to published timetables - and we know you hate it too - so we're sorry for the switch-a-about but we're helping out some other course teams in terms of availability of lecture theatres for some bigger class sizes.  This means your Fridays become self-directed.

I will be updating your timetables to reflect these changes and will replace old versions on myUCA.  When I notify you the revised timetables are available, please ensure you delete the old version to avoid confusion.

Again, apologies for making changes.  Watch this space for final confirmation.

If you could ensure all your classmates are aware of the changes ahead via your other social networks, that would be appreciated.  Many thanks.


  1. I'm guessing that's meant to be October 2nd instead of September 2nd? :)

    1. I didn't mention the time machine...?

      Thanks for the spot, Heidi - sorted now. In truth, I can't really believe it's going to be October already... or I'm old. Scott made me laugh recently ; he was trying to get me to tell him the name of the film you watched on Friday (The Last Starfighter), Alan having told him that it was something from my childhood. I said, 'Well, it's not Dr Caligari' and Scott quipped, 'It could be...' :D *bastard!*