Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FAO 1st Years - Film reviews

Hello 1st Years!

I just thought I'd drop by and give you a couple of pointers for when you embark on your first film review...

1) Get it written asap - before you know it, it'll be Tuesday again, and you'll have another one to write!

2) It doesn't have to be a novel! Focus on the reason you are watching the film (the cinematography, the soundscape etc)

3) Use at least 3 images to back up your review; make sure you label them 'Figure 1' etc, and refer to them within your text.

4) Write in the 3rd person; this may seem really strange at first, but it is a good habit to develop early on, as your essays and dissertation will need to be approached in this way.  For Phil's excellent guide to using the 3rd person, go to your Invisible Cities unit, scroll down to below the Thumbnails template, to 'Essays & Articles'.

5) And finally...... The Harvard Method!  You must make sure that any of your written work - film reviews, essays etc - is referenced correctly, otherwise it will be flagged up as plagiarised when it goes through the plagiarism detector, called Turnitin.  There is a complete guide to referencing on myUCA, in the library section - the link is here

That's all for now! Enjoy the films - some of them will be 'challenging' - and I look forward to reading your reviews soon!

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