Sunday, September 21, 2014

2015 Field Trip Barcelona - Head Count Required

It looks as if our February trip to Barcelona is 'good to go', but in order to take things to the next stage, I need an up-to-date headcount. The following students have already expressed interest:

Anass, Akinbiyi, Gemma, Emma M, Kayleigh, Ant, Rosie, Chrissie, Anita, Lisa, Ruby, Sam C, Tyler, Megan, Danny R, Dan Reason, George N, Charlie, Kavia...

That's 19 students, but I need at least 30 before I can go back to the travel agents and move things along. If you're interested, but haven't confirmed yet, please can you leave a comment on this post today/tomorrow.
There's a relationship between how quickly we do this and the ultimate price of the trip, so spread the word asap. Many thanks.