Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tutorphil Is Off On Holiday

Dear all, just letting you know that I'm off on my Summer hols on Monday, returning to that old former farmhouse in France, which, in previous years, has been the setting for some ad-hoc phantasmagoria!  There's something about the quality of the dark - and the complete lack of internet access! - that inspires creative responses, and I'm hoping this year's sojourn will prove as invigorating.  Previous years have seen me mucking about with long-exposure photography in the dead-of-night, braving sheep ticks and mosquitos in the pursuit of something transformative and other-worldly.  I am once again armed with a toy box of cobbled-together kit - solar lights, coloured gels, and lots of 35mm film - so quite what will materialise this year is anyone's guess!

Au revoir!


  1. I bet the neighbours must wonder what on earth is going on.... time to call in the fantôme busters! :)

  2. Have fun, Phil : D! Take a lot of cool photos!