Sunday, July 06, 2014

New Designers 2014: Finale

As per tradition, the final day of New Designers 2014 was characterised by sauna-level heat and humidity, and come 5.30pm, a frantic rush of frenzied dismantling.  A huge thank you to all our exhibiting graduates, who, after an exhausting show, distinguished themselves further by remaining cool, calm and collected - and also by being rather handy with a screwdriver!  New Designers always ends as it begins - with a white van.  We have Simon Holland to thank for being our 'white van man' - but of course, he's much more besides.

New Designers 2014 has been a very successful show - with 2 awards and a much admired stand.  An official show write-up will appear on the blog shortly, showcasing some of the pro photos taken for us by UCA colleague, Chris Marchant.  Until then, this is a solemn instruction to everyone who was involved in the show: 'Relax!'

Chrissie finally succumbs to the heat...

Our 'New Designers 2014'

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  1. Hi, I am Will, I met a few of you at New Designers, I was from the Nottingham Trent stand above the steps. I'd like to thank you guys for having such an inspiring stand with a huge amount and variety of amazing work, presented in such an incredible stand. It made so envious, our stand was quite frankly embarassing in comparison.

    We feel like we've had to fight our university every step of the way to become the best animators we can be, with absolutely no support apart from our one sole tutor, so it is inspiring to see a course with such dedication and support. Your course sounds like an incredibly inspiring place to be and you're all very lucky to have chosen it. I really do wish I could go back 3 years and go to your university instead.

    I know Bart spoke to a few of you and took your cards so hopefully some of you may be up for collaborating in the future. We have formed a little collective called whilebearsdance, ( and we'd love to work with you guys or at least be part of a group of conversation with inspiring people. It's clear you guys love animation as much as we do, and maybe something great can come of it, even if it's just inspiring eachother along the journey.

    Also congratulations on winning the Screening Prizes. Mother's Days was absolutely beautiful to watch, I could tell so much work had gone in to it and it reminded me so much of Adam Elliot's amazing work. It definitely deserved the win!

    Anyway thanks guys, keep in touch!