Saturday, July 19, 2014

CAA Summer Speed Paint Challenge 2: 'Collective Nouns'

"Collective nouns denote a group of people, objects, ideas, or animals as a single concept."

For example: a flock of birds.

Starting 9am Monday, your 'all-new' speed paint challenges will ask you to respond to a series of collective nouns for animals - and the images and impressions they bring to mind.  Your responses can be abstract, surreal, fantastical or realistic.  Rest assured, I have chosen some of the more unusual collective nouns for your delight and inspiration!  Each daily challenge will give you the choice of two collective nouns.  You can do one.  You can do both.  You can create multiple responses.  You might even combine the two ideas into a single image.  The key thing is to have fun and flex your painterly muscles without fear of failure :)

See you on Monday for Challenge No 1!

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