Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Designers 2014: On Your Marks, Get Set...

The CGAA baseroom is now crowded out with bubble-wrapped screen prints, cabinets, giant picture frames and 18kg of Everton mints!  Not long now until all of this finds its way into the back of a transit van, as we head once more for the Business Design Centre, Islington, and the eye-candy onslaught that is New Designers.

Everyone is working very hard putting the finishing touches to their exhibition films and accompanying visual treats, including slideshows of production art and demo reels.  In addition - and in keeping with this year's stand's 'artisanal' theme - we're creating an exhibition of screen-printed artwork celebrating our graduates' 2d talents.  

Mrs Parsloe production sketch - Alice Druzga

Character development sheet - Nat Urwin

Benjamin Badgersworth early sketch - Samantha Butler

Simon Holland, CGAA alum and tutor, has been turning our graduates' Maya models into the semblance of plaster of Paris prototypes for the show as another means of exemplifying the art and craft of our graduates' skillset.  Suddenly, these mutant cats, villainous teachers and melancholy undertakers assume the grace and purity of works of art (which, of course, they are!). 

Tom Farrington's Fat Cat

Urvashi Lele's Frank

Alice Druzga's Mrs Parsloe

Joey Ku's Sea Cow

Tom Farrington's Kat

Sasha Hart's Tyler

Emma Foster's Plant Form

Polydoodle Picture's Barnabas

So, Monday morning is build-up day part one of our 2014 New Designers adventure.  More updates will follow soon as we seek to transform all those bubble-wrapped bits and pieces into a striking, engaging show.

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