Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Graduation Day - Class of 2014

"Congratulations! You bloody well did it!"

Congratulations to all our year three students who graduated at the Royal Festival Hall today!  The sun shone, smiles beamed, and hats flew skywards.  It was wonderful to see Jonny Sharples and Mike Holman in the mix, and for all those year three students who weren't able to attend this year's ceremony, I genuinely look forward to seeing you at next year's hats-and-gowns shindig.  It's a special day - and a very busy one, so not everyone was able to congregate for this impromptu photocall.*  If Alan and I didn't get to speak with you personally today, rest assured we're hugely proud of your achievements over these past three years and it was great to see you all dressed up and looking dandy on your big day. Well done all of you!  

I love this photo!

Oh dear - Fizzgig and Alice's mortar boards fall down a stairwell following some over-zealous hat-chucking!

This sort of looks as if we're about to escort Tom from the premises...

Jojo & her henchmen!

* Many thanks to Jake Bryant for taking the photographs in less than ideal conditions!


  1. Congratulations all :) super awesome work all round

  2. Awww, everyone! ;___; Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations to all of you! It looks like you had a fab day :) See you at ND!