Thursday, June 26, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 2 & 3: The Big Switch

This is a message for our year 2 (formerly year 1) and year 3 (formerly year 2) students: as you know, your course title is switching from 'Computer Generated Arts & Animation' to 'Computer Animation Arts'.  For many of you this means updating your blogs etc., so this is a reminder re. 'The Big Switch' and a gentle deadline for making the change: could all student blogs make the change to BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts by the end of July please. Why not use this as an opportunity to freshen-up your blogs and spring-clean your personal brand.  It won't be very long now until a whole new batch of first years arrive looking to your blogs as exemplars, so get things ship-shape. Please use your social networks to get the message out there: make the switch by July 31st.

Many thanks.

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