Monday, May 19, 2014

The Supplement: The Goon #2.

"We are MILLIMETERS away from a completed, cleaned up first pass."

A few months ago I blogged a post sharing David Fincher's Kickstarter pledge to fund a CG adaptation of Eric Powell's comic series 'The Goon'. The project was funded successfully not long after its initial opening, and has since been slowly progressing along the pipeline with the support of Blur Studios and Dark Horse Entertainment. Collectively, they decided to take the long road by finding an alternate answer to the typical Hollywood depiction of animation, and have been working hard to find a new vision that portrays an adult take on animated film. 

Recently, Eric Powell released a statement on his blog letting fans know that everyone at Blur has had their attention focused on the story reel which is currently being composed into its first edited pass. With this information Powell attached a series of storyboard panels from this pass which can be found below. I hope to be posting up-to-date information about this project as it happens, as I can't wait for this production to be in full swing.

And for those who missed it, The original proof-of-concept Trailer featuring Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti as the voices of The Goon and Franky respectively.

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