Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The 'Computer Animation Arts Graduate Creative Agency' - Ideas Please!

It's been a mission of mine for sometime to set up a 'Computer Animation Arts' graduate agency - a dream-team of graduate talent originating from our course, whose start-up, start-out freelance careers can be incubated and supported within UCA.  It's early days, but the good news is that the signs are good and I'm pretty confident we'll be able to launch a graduate agency sooner rather than later.

It might seem premature then, to be thinking about a name for the agency, but I've been asked to get the ball rolling asap, and I thought I'd pick your collective brains.

We need something catchy, memorable, and client-friendly; for example, one of the University's existing agency-type initiatives is called 'Fab Lab' - and it relates to 3D printing and laser-cutting services (Fab as in fabrication).  Another relates to casting and glasswork and is called 'The Bronze Pot'... 

Once we've got the name, we can get think about branding etc. so the name should be visual and give us something engaging to work with.  Over to you then - what's the perfect name for a creative pool of CGI talent?  I await your suggestions with interest!


  1. Squash and Stretch
    The Wireframe

    More as I think of them...

    Also, I think it would be a nice idea to have a website/blog dedicated to the work CAA alumni produce after they've graduated. Maybe using one of those newfangled social network things like Tumblr or Behance

  2. I really like Jake's idea but I will try anyway:
    - House of Art
    - Nerd Pool
    - Geek Vault
    - Merry Cluster
    - Green Stream (could actually work as a name for ecological main stream food products... : D)

  3. digi booth

    in betweens

    UV Frames

  4. The Third Dimension,

    Creative Collective

    Arts and Minds

    The CG CV

    The Ani mon Crowd (Ani short for animation... mon meaning combining form and crowd yeah that's just cuz I love the I.T. Crowd!

    The last one is probably my fav... it feels fun to say lol!

  5. keep them coming please! :)

  6. Uncle Phil's Boil in the Bag Instant CG Graduates

  7. Aspect Ratio

    Computer-Generated Artists

    And also a hearty hello! How is everyone doing down at UCA? :D

    1. Hello Mr Rogers! Things are busy - thanks for popping by! And thanks for the suggestions too.