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Post With The Most 27/05/2014

Usually, the PWTM begins with some alliterative preamble that seeks to characterise the ongoing endeavours of the student, staff and alumni of BA (Hons) CG Arts & Animation - soon to be known as Computer Animation Arts.  My preface this month is shorter and sweeter - short because all I need do is invite you to sit back and enjoy this selection of final works from years one, two and three, and sweet because it gives me great pleasure to do so.  You're looking at an awful lot of hard work here, at goals met and personal bests.  As always, I encourage our loyal readers to go beyond the PWTM by accessing the individual student blogs, because what you see here are but the tips of some truly impressive icebergs.  Enjoy. 

Tom Farrington - Experiment IX  (For Tom's Art Of  go here)

Lydia Caplan - Eglington Road (For Lydia's Art Of go here)

Joey Ku - The Carnival Of The Animals (For Joey's Art Of go here)

Sammy Butler, Chrissie Peters & David Vandepeer as Polydoodle Pictures - & Son (For Polydoodle PicturesArt Of go here)

Alice Druzga - Whodunit High (For Alice's Art Of go here)

Ilmi Omar - Block A 50 (For Ilmi's Art Of go here)

Anita Gill - Yatara Nu (For Anita's Art Of go here)

Emma Foster - The Futurists' Garden (For Emma's Art Of here)

Urvashi Lele - An Interview With The Owl And The Pussycat (For Urvashi's Art Of go here)

Nat Urwin - Mothers' Days (For Nat's Art Of go here)

Mike Smallwood - Little Things (For Mike's Art Of go here)

Year 2 - Adaptation

Emily Clarkson - A Light In The Attic (For Emily's Art Of go here)

Samantha Niemczyk - The Shadow Of Liminal (For Sam's Art Of go here

Alex Edmonds - The Point Blanc Academy Library (For Alex's Art Of go here)                                            

Jake Bryant - Logen Ninefingers from The Blade Itself (For Jake's Art Of go here)

Akinbiyi Babarinde - Robert Neville from I Am Legend (For Akinbiyi's Art Of go here)

Megan Howett - Arrietty from The Borrowers (For Megan's Art Of go here)

Shan Mason - Operation Market Garden - Game assets (For Shan's Art Of go here)

Year 1 - 'Fantastic Voyage'

Ant Faulkner - Fern Lifecycle

Adam Stone - The Slimestronauts

Candice Hiu Fu Leung - Fern Lifecycle

Tom Boothby - Operation: Emerald Leaf

Rosalyn Fenton - Fern Lifecycle

Scott Turner - Fern Lifecycle

Ruby Newland - What's Under The Leaf?

Ayunie Adiana - Ferntastic Journey

Meanwhile, even as the academic year winds down, the ongoing ACT project is picking up speed.  As regular readers of this blog will know, we're using Kinect-derived data as the basis for sculptural forms originating from the seven movements of Verdi's Requiem.  Using the Kinect-derived curves as a starting point - which themselves originated from the movements of a conductor as he guided three hundred musicians through Verdi's mighty composition - students were asked to model their own impressions of the Requiem, attaching their subjective impressions to the original data-shapes.   Seven of the resulting forms have since been selected to go forward to the next phase of the project, which will see them readied for fabrication via a laser-cutter.  The chosen seven forms follow:

1: Requiem - Anita Gill

2: Dies Irae - Joey Ku

3: Offertorio - Sasha Hart

4: Sanctus - Tom Beg

5: Agnus Dei - Tom Beg

6: Lux Aterna - Sasha Hart

7: Libera Me - Mike Smallwood

When not using Maya to embody his impressions of a choral classic, CGAA graduate Tom Beg continues to make fascinating work in the development of his music video for Collectress.  In a project that has so far encompassed marker pens and infrared photography, Tom is currently creating CG models derived from his original lo-fi thumbnails.  The resulting forms are skeletal and ossified, yet filled somehow too with organic vitality.  They're remind this viewer of coral - forms both alive and dead.

Original thumbnail

Next month's edition of the PWTM will be a New Designers 2014 special: we're already working hard behind the scenes to ensure another memorable show, so watch this space for updates, and why not come and see us at the event. We'll be exhibiting in week two from the 2nd to the 5th July. We'd love to see you there.

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