Saturday, May 31, 2014

'Not' Sight Seeing In Alaska

Dear all,

Having arrived safely in Alaska after about fourteen hours in the air breathing farts and recycled air*, I popped out this morning for a spot of sight-seeing. Unfortunately, the whole of Anchorage was experiencing a power outage, which meant I ate my buffet-style breakfast (complete with reindeer sausages), in the dark; the weather is a bit on the miserable side, you see, with high winds and driving rain and low visibility, which accounts for the photograph above.   The diorama on the helpful sign was identifying all the impressive stuff I couldn't actually see.  I'm assured by others that Mount Susitna does indeed exist, despite my photographic evidence to the contrary!

*I watched a whole bunch of movies on the plane - pretty much back-to-back:

Saving Mr Banks - loved it!  Great screenplay!
August: Osage County - loved it! Meryl Streep is amazing!
Dallas Buyers Club - loved it! Give everyone an Oscar!
The Lego Movie - loved it! Metafictional joy!

It's 2pm as I type this, and I'm just off to the conference's opening key note shindig!   I'll be in touch with more images of invisible tourist attractions soon!

1 comment:

  1. Ah the joy of the 'mini' movie screen in the sky....

    Saving Mr. Banks - Loved it too dispite being a Disney Lop-sided view (Spit-spot!)
    August: Osage County - Meryl Streep is always amazing
    Dallas Buyers Club - Excellent film...Give Matthew McConaughey an Oscar (a very thin one)
    The Lego Movie - Everything is awesome!