Tuesday, May 06, 2014

FAO Year 3: Major Project Submission

The Submission Blog is Now Open!

Submission Location & Deadline: 

Friday 9th May @ 5pm 
CG Arts Baseroom & Online

Submission Requirements:

1) Your final piece of work: Your final film / animation submitted as a file and on your blog.

2)  Making of Document: A comprehensive guide to your project submitted as a PDF and on your blog.

3) Technical Document: A 1 - 2 page description of a significant techincal aspect of your work. E.g Is there something technical which required exploring that now defines your work? A shader, a rigging process, or lighting model for example.

4) Demo Reel: A short 30 second - 1 minute showcase of your work

5) An up to date blog & .PDF: Please make sure your blog is up to date before 5pm and it is transfered to PDF as part of your submission. No posts after 5pm please.

Please Submit Via:

1) The Submission Blog
2) Copied on to the baseroom computer
3) On DVD

Good Luck Everyone!

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