Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tombola Of Dreams 2: 35 Tickets/17 Days/£1,500

Not long now, ladies and gents...

There are only 35 Tombola tickets remaining...

And only 17 days until the great Prize Draw on Friday 11th April...

If you've already bought 1 ticket, buy another!  If you've already bought 2 tickets, by a third.  If you're yet to purchase any tickets, go here to the UCA Online Store before it's too late and bag your chance of winning all this - and more.  Help us achieve our target of raising £1,500 for our graduate show at New Designers 2014.


  1. Keep meaning to ask...did you give me a ticket yet? I can't remember seeing one this time round...:(

  2. Not yet - come and see me and I'll pop your ball in the TOD :)

    1. Now there's an offer a girl doesn't get every day! ;)