Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FAO Year 2 & 3: Alan's Return & Thursdays Maya Class

Hello Everyone! 
I've finally made it back to the UK from China.

I've recieved a few questions via email whilst I was away so I thought I would answer them all at once here...

Q: When will you be back in Uni / able to answer questions? 
A: I will be back in Uni on Thursday (27th March) to answer any technical / project related questions.

Q: Can you look at my work / blog.
A: Unfortunately during my trip I wasn't able to look at any blogs due to China's restrictions on all things Google (Youtube, blogger, etc). Very frustrating.

Q: Will there be a Maya Class on Thursday?
A: Yes but not the normal format (see below).

Year 2 Maya Class: 

This will be a Q & A class only (no demo or new tutorials) so please bring your work and questions. If you have no questions this would be a good time to catch up on any outstanding Maya tutorials or carry on with your project work.

Thanks Alan.


  1. Welcome back :)
    (didn't know you had gone)

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