Thursday, March 27, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 3: End Of Year Show Thursday 29th May - Let's Celebrate!

Thursday May 29th is the UCA End Of Year Show - a chance to celebrate 'making it over the line' and a job well done.  CGAA will be screening your work in Lecture Theatre 1 and we need to ensure that we evoke a party atmosphere.  I'm thinking we should give Lecture Theatre 1 a bit of a showbiz make-over and set-up our own bottle bar outside to get your audience in the mood.  Not surprisingly, there's no budget for crates of beer, so I'm looking to you for some imaginative ideas as to how we can make things go with a swing:  anybody out there got a generous relative in the pub trade?  Anyone got any contacts who might be willing to supply us with a few crates of moonshine?   I'm all ears for any bright ideas you might have as to how we might 'get this party started'...  Over to you!

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