Sunday, March 02, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 1: Soundscape Blog Submission Tuesday @ 1pm

Soundscape Blog Submission Tuesday 4th March @ 1pm

In readiness for your blog submission of your Soundscape project, could you please ensure that all relevant blog entries are labelled accordingly (i.e. soundscape), so I can very simply view only those entries that relate to the requirements of this project brief.  You need to ensure the following is updated and labelled:

1) Your finished 60 second animatic.

2) Thumbnails, preparatory drawings, storyboards.

3) All original SFX + description.

4) All post-produced SFX + description.

5) Your ‘Sonic Concept’ publication (as Scribd Presentation).

6) Your Sound Designer Profile (as Scribd Presentation).

7) Your creative partnership archive

8) All Adobe Audition exercises

I will be collecting in your submission discs* @ 2pm when we meet together for the film screening of Memento in Lecture Theatre 1.

I will combine your Script To Screen and Soundscape assessment proformas in one PDF document.  Your grades will be separate and your feedback separate for each project, but they'll be coming to you on a single form.

Best of luck for the final push, and I'm very exciting by some of the hints and glimpses already on your blogs. 

'Be Amazing!'

*Submission disc should include your complete animatic  and blog PDF.


  1. Does everything have to be on the submission disc?

    1. good point - I didn't make this clear, did I? See edit :)