Friday, March 14, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 1: Fantastic Voyage: The Pitch - Your Groups

See below - your group designations for next week's Fantastic Voyage pitches:

Monday: Group A

Sam, Maj, Scott, Will, Hannah, Rhys, Candice, Megan, Rhianna, Kyle, Brad, Lisa, Livi, Lekti, Ant.

Tuesday: Group B

Josh, Ayunie, Tom, Rosie, Sukhi, Dan, Ruby, Danny, Scarlett, Joshan, Adam, Gemma, Ashley, Heidi.

A reminder of what you need to present:

1) Resolution of research into 3 act narrative structure for chosen audience. 

In simple terms this is you outlining your intentions in terms of conveying your scenario to your chosen audience - and using the 3 act structure as a guide. 

a) State your chosen bioscientific scenario.
b) State clearly your chosen audience: justify choice and how it relates to and informs your visual concept.
c) Outline your 3 act structure: for example : Act 1: Feeding Plasmodium, Act 2: Meiosis,  Act 3:  Syngamy & Mitosis

2) Fully-Realised Concept Art: format 16:9, Colour (at least 3). 

These paintings/images are not thumbnails or works-in-progress - they represent the fullest expression of your visual concept.  These paintings might include environments and characters or mock-ups of HUDS or interfaces, or similar.  The function of your concept art is to engage your client and to excite them.  

3) Presentation animatic with transitions and SFX.

Your animatic should represent the most complete vision of your proposed final film possible.  If you think you need a voice-over, you don't need to have sorted this for the pitch, but you do need to find a method of making this clear. In the past, some students have themselves narrated their animatics, but this needs to be timed carefully and effective.   Your animatic needs to communicate, not disorientate so avoid lots of erratic pans and zooms in Premiere; convey complex action through the drawing of more panels if necessary.  In terms of sound design and music choice, consider the mix carefully. In terms of typeface and graphic design, think about your audience's needs.  Is your typeface legible?  Is your text on screen long enough for someone unfamiliar with the terms to read them?

You will be pitching from your blog.  Create a 'Pitch' blog post to include your Pitch Presentation as Scribd document and your animatic video file. Important: please check your spelling and grammar - proof-read before you publish.  Please sequence your Pitch presentations accordingly:

1) Your name, unit title (Storytelling & Commission), project title (Fantastic Voyage) and the date.

2 Your chosen scenario.

3 Your chosen audience.

4 Your visual concept.

5 Your 3 Act structure.

6 Your concept art.

7 Then play the animatic!

Remember - you're not just presenting, you're pitching. Your job is to convince the client of your vision and get him on side.  You should 'dress-to-impress' and you should prepare what you're going to say and how you're going to say it.  The pitch begins at 10am, so please be in the CGAA baseroom by 9.45am at the latest.

Looking forward to it!

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