Monday, March 03, 2014

CGAA Alumni: Scott 'Class Of 2008' Dawkins on KentOnline Following Gravity Oscar Win!

Following Gravity's Oscar success, CGAA graduate Scott Dawkins gets - and gives - some great press at Kent Online...

"A former Kent student has paid tribute to his lecturers after his firm won an Oscar for best visual effects on space thriller Gravity last night..."

Read the full article here.

Scott Dawkins, CGAA graduate, now Head of Paint & Roto at Framestore


  1. :) He says some lovely things and how right he is

  2. Among the sea of mediocre Oscar-bait biographical films and all the horrendous narcisism the modern Academy Awards bring, Gravity was a shining light at the end of a dark dark tunnel. Fantastic original filmmaking and visual effects which were more than just pretty eye candy. Best new film I've seen in years in all honesty. Any plaudits for the people who made it what it is are well deserved!

    Damn shame about Lego Movie though, finally a mainstream 3D film which breaks quite successfully from the Toy Story aesthetic and it's nowhere to be seen!