Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Tombola Of Dreams 2 - Your 'Golden Ticket' Is Available To Purchase Now @ The UCA Online Store

Go here to purchase your 1 or 2 or 3 tickets for the Tombola Of Dreams 2.  Who knows?  Maybe yours will be the 'golden ticket'? Don't hang about - there's a Cintiq with your name on it...


  1. I've ordered my Three! ;) When do I find out what numbers I am or whatever it is? :D

    1. Hey Jon, yep - got notification of your order - no worries - I've not issued any ticket-holders with their numbers yet, but what happens is you're allocated 3 raffle tickets, the numbers of which + your name are written on a ping pong ball, which is then put into the Tombola in the CGAA base room. I've got your name and number of tickets purchased written down in my little blue book! I'll notify you with your numbers and I'll get someone to witness the transaction with the balls and the tom bola, all fair and square!

    2. Nice one Phil :) No worries, I trust you! ;)