Monday, February 17, 2014

The Jordan Buckner Workshops - For Everyone!

Welcome home all! From the photos, it seems that everyone has had an amazing time in Prague. But now you are all back, you may be panicking about project deadlines and the like. So, I'm  here to help! Every Tuesday, from this day forth, I'm around in University to help you out. So, feel free to come and find me in the base room.

Typically, my job is helping out when things go wrong, but I'm sure many of you may just want to talk through an idea, or test out some storyboard shots. Basically, I'm here to help develop your projects. So, if you need help storyboarding, or solidifying a project idea, I can help. All those stresses that nag at you during a project can be solved, so feel free to stop by the base room and chat them through with your friendly; local, CG Artist, Jordan Buckner.

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