Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Blue Umbrella 'Making Of' Holiday Calendar - A CGAA 'Must See'

Okay - this post is for all of you.  The Blue Umbrella 'Holiday Calendar' is a consummate 'Making Of', charting the development of Saschka Unseld's Pixar short, The Blue Umbrella (2013) Enjoy a master class in making an animation short – from reading the original pitch to pre-enacting story beats with real umbrellas to early cinematography tests to story reels to color scripts to rain dramaturgy charts to amazing camera capture workflows.

In terms of documenting the development of an animation project, this is exemplary.  Be inspired - and let's raise the bar!


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  1. I'm glad they're showing this stuff now, it was really interesting when Saschka Unseld told us all about these things at Siggraph