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Prague 2014...Thank you students, for not injuring yourselves!

 The first Kozal of many...

 My little room in the hostel
 Magazine pose...

 George, getting comfy.

 If you can't beat them, join them!


 Another sleepy George :)

 The Spanish Tickler...

 Yes, it is an upside-down horse...
 Mezzoforte, at the Lacuna Bar

 Phil, with his new best friend....Sebastian Studnitzky 
Studnitzky & Gomm
 Another night, another disco...

 Let Kym breathe, boys!!

 A different type of supermarket...

Good old UK!!


  1. Haha! Thanks Jackie - ah yes, my old mate, Sebastian ;) And who is that fool jumping about, ruining those perfectly nice pictures of the Castle?!


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