Monday, February 24, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 1 & 2: The Internal Student Survey 2014 is Go!

Today is launch day for the Internal Student Survey 2014.  For a recap as to the point and purpose of the ISS, go here.  The short version is that the ISS is the opportunity for year 1 and 2 students to feedback to the University about their experience at UCA so far.  Your feedback is valued highly by the University.

Your individual log-in, password, and web-link for the survey has been emailed to your Ucreative account.  You can also access the survey via myUCA.

When you've completed the survey can you leave a 'done it' comment on this post, so I can cross you off the list. I need to encourage all eligible students to participate and I will be popping by your individual blogs by way of a reminder.

If you have any queries regarding the ISS - for example, should you experience difficulty logging in or accessing the survey, please email

Many thanks!