Monday, February 03, 2014

CGAA Prague Field Trip Project Brief: 'The Tale Of The Thirty Pragues'

a lecture, slide show, film, etc., describing a person's travels or depicting travels in a particular, often distant place.

On February 10th, thirty of you are going to Prague and this is your Study Trip project brief: to archive your respective adventures creatively through text and through image on your blogs.  I simply want you to respond imaginatively to the sights, sounds and sensations of the city.  I want to see the big picture, and the minutiae, your story expressed through portraits, landscapes, still-lives and glorious abstractions; through photography and drawing, though collage and collection, through facts and through fiction.  In short, I want you to tell me (and everyone else) The Tale Of The Thirty Pragues... 

There is a £50 Amazon voucher for the most dynamic, most evocative and most arresting blog-based travelogue, and you are asked to publish your 'Tale Of' blogpost upon your return to the UK no later than Monday, February 17th.  

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