Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CGAA One-a-Day: I Am Tom Moody

I Am Tom Moody is a starkly beautiful and effecting short animation by Ainslie Henderson. Voiced by Mackenzie Crook, it has a very raw and heartfelt technique. I mean that in a very good way. It has focus on narrative and storytelling at its core, with a strange sense of independent spirit. It embraces its style and only serves to heighten the tonality of the piece.

There is also a very charming making of to support the film, which documents the whole process and somewhat echoes the fear that I think may people feel when creating personal work. Those fears about what you are trying to say, and if any of it makes sense. And I think there is something important in this. I think it should be a struggle. And it should be hard and frustrating and tiring. It shouldn't be an easy ride. No real creative endeavour is. So, if you are relaxed and comfortable about your project, then maybe it is time to question that. I'll shut up now, just watch the lovely film.

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