Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Supplement: The Goon

"Mobsters, zombies, killer robots and demon priests... Sounds like your typical animated film? Didn't think so..."

Created by writer and artist Eric Powell, 'The Goon' is a long running crime horror comic book series which mixes both comic and violent atmosphere on a story which follows the characters of The Goon and Franky on their encounters with many paranormal creatures. A year ago, director David Fincher (Dir. Se7en, Fight Club), launched a kickstarter programme to campaign for his adaptation of the original comic book series to begin the development process for a storyboard animatic version of the full film in hope to get someone on board to back the finished product. 

The pledge was successfully funded shortly after its kickstarter was announced and has since begun the production of the full-film animatic with the backing of Blur Studios making it happen. 

Below you can find a series of production art for the proposed movie, a couple of 3D turnaround renders which will feature in the final animation and a 'proof-of-concept' CG trailer featuring the voice work of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti.

Production Painting: Life is a Carnival
Production Painting: The Buzzard
Production Painting: Street Cleaning
Production Painting: Dead men Do Tell Tales
Production Painting: Zombies Make the Best Hood Ornaments
Production Painting: Labrazio Laughs Last
Production Painting: Check Please
Production Painting: Tough Love
Production Painting: Darkness Falls
Production Painting: Thug Life
Production Painting: When Seafood Goes Bad
Production Painting: Get Those Bastards

And some 3D turnarounds for Slackjaw and Franky from Alessandro Baldasseroni;

And finally, the 'proof-of-concept' trailer for 'The Goon'. Enjoy.

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