Thursday, January 30, 2014

FAO Year 1,2,3: Next Week is 'Applicant Week' On CGAA

This is a message for all CGAA students:  next week is 'Applicant Week'.  In short, Alan and I will be interviewing applicants for the course all week - mornings & afternoons.  It won't actually effect you in terms of classes, because your lives will go on pretty much as scheduled, but you need to be aware that the CGAA baseroom is where the applicants are going to wait prior to their interviews.  Now, this doesn't mean you can't work in there as usual - you can, and I want you to - but if you do work in the CGAA base room, you need to be prepared to discuss your work with the applicants and represent the course.  We've got CGAA students working as UCA ambassadors, and I'll be asking them to make our applicants feel at home while they wait.  We'll be showing animated films on the baseroom screen (Pixar stuff etc.), but applicants will be encouraged  to talk with you about your work and the course.

I'm looking for volunteers therefore who are happy to base themselves in the CGAA baseroom in the knowledge that they'll also be talking with applicants and essentially being friendly, welcoming, and helping them feel less nervous as they wait for their respective interviews.

You also need to be aware, that for the duration of this week, Alan and I will be, inevitably, rather preoccupied...

So, next week is going to be a bit different, with lots of new and unfamiliar characters moving in and around the CGAA suites.  Can I ask all of you to be as warm and welcoming as possible, and help us ensure our busy week is also a jolly one.  Many thanks in advance :)

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