Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FAO Everyone: Sam 'CGAA Year 2' Niemczyk Needs Your Creative Input!

CGAA Year 2 student Samantha Niemczyk needs your creative input as part of her current Adaptation unit.  Sam is seeking to derive a cast of original character designs from what individuals see in Rorschach-style inkblots and she is seeking your participation.   The inkblot images Sam is asking you to respond to are below and these are your instructions:


Draw What You See! 

  1. Open the Inkblots (below) in Photoshop. Outline what you see!
  2. Please don’t use Ctrl+Z or Eraser tool - respond freely and instinctively. 
  3. Create as many layers per inkblot as you want - each layer being a new drawing.  Please don't merge or flatten your images: Sam wants to isolate and use the line art only.
  4. Feel free to rotate inkblots horizontally and vertically. 
  5. Images should be black line art - no fill colour. 
  6. Resolution not smaller than 1000 x 698 px and in .PSD format. 
  7. Don't change the original file names. 
  8. Please send your drawings to: SNiemczyk1@students.ucreative.ac.uk with 'ADAPTATION B' and 'YOUR NAME' in the subject line.
  9. Please complete the Inkblot challenge by Feb 9th.

Many thanks!

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