Thursday, January 23, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 3: Best Of Luck For The Final Push!

This is a message for all our finger-sore, brain-drained year 3 students, who are, as of now, giving their dissertations a final intellectual shove in preparation for the deadline tomorrow.  Well done to all of you for pushing it this far.  If you're flagging, stressing or losing the will to live, take heart, remain vigilant and know too that your post-hand-in Friday night will be one the sweetest moments in your living memory.  Until then, ladies and gents, keep on keeping on - and remember: give your introductions and  conclusions just a little more love; make them authoritative, succinct, and keep them 'on message'.

Best of luck 'Class of 2014'
Do yourselves proud!

Oh yeah - and I want this playing in your heads as you italicise those last few final quotes... Grrrr!


  1. Umm do we get extra points for putting the lyrics at the end of our dissertations? :D

    1. only if you're short of words - which I'm sure you're not, Ms Ku! :)