Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge: A Bob Godfrey Exhibition Special!

Back in December last year, Rebekah Taylor from the Animation Archive @ UCA Farnham paid us a visit - and brought with her some original Henry's Cat storyboards by Oscar-winning animation-legend, Bob Godfrey.  

As a follow-up, all CGAA students (and staff/alumni) have been challenged to create a single A4 digital painting of a celebrity - in the style of a Bob Godfrey character!  The resulting images will then be displayed around the campus as part of a pop-up exhibition, complete with QR codes linking people back to the animation archive.  

Your Godfrey-inspired caricatures need to be A4 portrait and at 300 dpi for printing.  When you've completed your Godfry-styled celebrity portrait, upload to your blogs and email your image to Adele Martin Bowtell at amartin-bowtell@ucreative.ac.uk. Please include your name and year in the email.

And now for some further inspiration!

Henry's Cat - The Treasure

Henry's Cat - Valentine's Day


  1. Replies
    1. End of next week? And I want LOTS of drawings from you, young lady...

    2. Make your mind up.... One minute you're saying I should be doing my work, next it's drawing cartoons :)

    3. I'm a slave-driver that's all!