Saturday, January 11, 2014

@ Alan - Flicker

Hey Alan,

In this clip there is still some flickering. This is due to my house being in the country with old overhead power lines, so the lights are always dimming and the power surging.

I've been talking to an electrician friend of mine and we have devised a way of rigging up lights to a few car batteries on trickle from a mains charger with some 12V house lights which should in theory keep a constant current, meaning the lights shouldn't flicker. Anyway, before I go and get all of these components, is there a way to level out this flickering in post production? If it can be done in post then I can just run the lights off the mains. 

Please let me know your thoughts.




  2. Hi Nat...

    The short answer is 'yes there is' but it eithe involves plugins or software (see Toms post and the link below) or you can possibly use some effects / settings in After Effects and Photoshop...