Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trailer: Godzilla (2014)

Official teaser trailer for UCA alumni Gareth Edward's new Godzilla... 


  1. There was a leaked teaser trailer for this some time ago which made me so excited. It was an eerie, smoke filled skyline with the famous Oppenheimer speech. It finally felt like they may be making something interesting. But this trailer seems so dull and full of cliche. I'm still hoping this will be good, Gareth Edwards seems like a smart bloke. Let's just hope he has some creative control over final edits and the Hollywood types don't turn it into a shite-fest.

    This video may be the original, or a fan remake of it...but seems to be what I's worth a watch...Looks dramatically less Hollywood action fest and more understood than the above version-

  2. I love Godzilla, always have. always will (even if they make this into a flop). I always wanted a follow up from the 1998 Godzilla (my much loved film as a nipper). But I quite like the look of this as going on his shape alone looks like they are revisiting the old school Godzilla. I just hope there is a story to it rather than a recap of Pacific Rim, nice to look at, shot on entertainment.

  3. I just hope they realise Godzilla isn't about people, it's about giant monsters wresting each other. The human element of Godzilla was always wrought with classically corny Japanese melodrama. You can't really make Godzilla serious, because Godzilla is completely ridiculous in concept. Even the first film's charm comes from the fact that it's a little bit insane and nonsensical. Looks pretty dull to me. Godzilla was never ever serious filmmaking, why try an attempt to make it so?

    Also, liking 1998 Godzilla? You must also enjoy people drilling into your skull and performing a frontal lobotomy, while someone else burns your eye balls with searing hot metal rods.

    1. I take it I was the only who cried when Godzilla (1998) died? And monster vs bigger monster was good back in the day, even in Godzilla's history, but the human element in 1998 gave it something a little different (I must point out I was 6 at the time here...It was good enough back then to capture my heart it is now!). Different is good. Cloverfeild is a good example of this (although not the best film in the world but one i watch to the bitter end rather than turning it off before the half way mark like most films). And you can have monster vs monster with an actuarial story Im sure, rather than 90 mins of bugger all and 10 mins of fight...The world needs more than needless destruction, marvel has that all covered.

  4. Godzilla 1998 wasn't just a bad Godzilla film, it was an abomination of a film in general!

    Any human element story is ultimately second to GIANT MONSTERS WRECKING STUFF. I'm pretty sure the only human character anyone remembers distinctly from the Godzilla films series is the eye-patch scientist in the very first film. Even the first Godzilla film is pretty ropey and melodramatic. That's generally the film fans of the series would consider the most 'serious' as far as character involvement goes. Maybe people do want involved character stories in giant monster films, but Godzilla that isn't. Just make a new monster if you want attempt some sort of radical genre shift. I just get bored of the modern reboots which suck all the humour and charm out of originals.Hopefully this will be different, because I like Godzilla and the talent of the Japanese films (Ishiro Honda and Masaru Sato etc) Trailers are too deceptive to gauge any sort of quality.