Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Stitch Interview's Part 2 to Happen Next Friday!!

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to shout out to the interviewee's of my 365 Day Project - "UCA Just In". To make sure you all get my message and prepare physically and mentally for next week. I actually am out most of next week going on a caffine scourge - don't worry Phil/Alan I don't plan on dying (yet).

Anyway I am here to say that I have 10 more questions before we break up next week and I would like to get them before we leave for Christmas. I have 15 of you to interview and I have begged Phil (via email) to allow me to set up in a room so I can knock them all out in one fell swoop.

Next Week I am in Thursday and Friday (12th and 13th), so if you cant make it Friday please try to come in Thursday so I can get this underway. The only thing that's different is the questions and to do each of you shouldn't take more then 10 minutes of your time. I will interview you when we return to see how your projects concluded (this is Part 3) and then we are done with the questions! YOU ARE FREE!!

Please see the video below to hear the 10 questions I am going to ask you as well as some extra information.

Hopefully see you guys next week...  
Joey, Mike, Meg, Chrissie, Kadeem, Lydia, Anita, Ernesta, Sammy, Nat, Ilmi, Alice, Emma, Lei

I am making you aware now so we can just get this done come Thurs/Fri next week :)

Cheers guys!

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