Friday, December 27, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Your Term 2 Week 1 Snapshot

For your reference: week 1 of term 2 - a snapshot.  As you can see, it's pretty busy from the get-go, with two briefings, a brand new Wednesday class, plus all the old favourites!  I can't yet confirm the precise timetable for your Contextual Studies lectures/seminars/workshops on Thursdays, but I'll confirm asap.  You'll notice there are 3 new groups - red, blue, green - as distinct from your A/B (for Maya etc.) and your 1/2/3/4 (for Animation).  The purpose for these new groups will become clear on Monday 6th.  See below for your group designation:


Josh, Ayunie, Tom, Sam, Damyn, Megan, Ant, Rosie, Scarlett, Maj


Sukhi, Heidi, Dan, Will, Lekti, Kyle, Brad, Candice, Hannah, Ruby, Ashley


Joshan, Danny, TJ, Rhianna, Adam, Gemma, Scott, Rhys, Livi, Lisa

Not everyone will be blog-facing during the holidays, so use your social networks to get the word out.  
Much appreciated!


  1. Hi Phil, how can i find out which of the two lettered groups(group A; group B) i am in for when i return?