Sunday, December 01, 2013

FAO CGAA Year 1: Friday 6th Dec: Henry's Cat & The Animation Archive

On Friday 6th December, Rebekah Taylor from the Animation Archive @ UCA Farnham will be paying you a visit - and bringing with her some original Henry's Cat storyboards by Oscar-winning animation-legend, Bob Godfrey.  Rebekah will be accompanied by Adele Martin-Bowtell from the library, and together they'll be talking with you about the importance of research in terms of enriching your creative practice.  See below for the times of your sessions, which will be held in the CGAA baseroom.

Group 1 - 10am - 11am
Group 2 - 11am - 12pm
Group 3 - 12pm - 1pm
Group 4 - 1pm - 2pm

In preparation for your sessions, Rebekah and Adele have asked that you watch these two Henry's Cat animations and reflect on them in light of your recent animation classes - i.e. the way in which they utilise the fundamentals of animation.  Rebekah would also like you to bring along some drawing equipment, so time permitting, you might respond visually to what you see and do during your sessions.  Please use your network of creative partners to spread the word and ensure everyone has seen this notice.  Many thanks - and enjoy the animations!

Henry's Cat - The Treasure

Henry's Cat - Valentine's Day

Other years welcome to attend a session and meet with Rebekah.

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